TFCR International Conference on Business, Economics & Social Sciences

Event Type: Conference
Event Date: From 2018-02-03 to 2018-02-04
Location: Istanbul,Turkey
Contact person: Metin Gurani
Contact Email:

Event Description:

International Academic Conferences promote international dissemination of knowledge and development of cross-national academic fraternity. The participants come from different backgrounds and countries. They share their researches, experiences and informally create long-lasting bonds. It has been commonly observed that people lack the motivation and confidence of taking part in international events, basically due to self-made or cultural inhibitions. We recognize this factor, and we make sure to support and motivate first timers and also seasoned academicians by: • Generating your academic and professional relationships • Boosting your morale and confidence of presenting your research in an international platform • Clearing your inhibitions of adjusting to the foreign environment • Providing a holistic experience of academic tourism

Organized by: Turkish Forum for Collaborative Research (TFCR)
Deadline for abstracts/proposals: 01/27/2018

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