3rd International conference on Food and Beverage Packaging

Event Type: Conference
Event Date: From 2017-08-29 to 2017-08-30
Location: london,United Kingdom
Website: http://foodpackaging.conferenceseries.com/
Contact person: Alex olina jones
Contact Email: foodbeveragepackaging@conferenceseries.net

Event Description:

Food Packaging Conference, the unique International Conference on Food & Beverage Packaging will be an interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of knowledge on the traditional and advanced technologies in the field of Food & Beverage Packaging. The interesting topic includes innovation in Food Packaging - Importance of Food Packaging, Food Packaging Testing, Novel Food Packaging Technologies, Food and Beverage Packaging Machinery, Packaging Tools, Nanotechnology in Food Packaging, Emerging Trends in Food Packaging, Cost -effective Packaging Innovation, Consumer Trends in Food Packaging,Market Differentiation: Growing and Mature, Future of Innovation: Bio-based Packaging.

Organized by: conferenceseries LLC
Deadline for abstracts/proposals: 04/15/2017

Check the event website for more details.