Academic Summit on Entrepreneurship, Business Intelligence Research & Leadership (SEIRL-April-2018)
April 16-17, 2018
Hong Kong
The conference is addressed to academics, researchers and professionals with a particular interest related to the conference topic.
London International Conference on Business Management, Economics and Social Sciences (LBMES-MAY-2018)
May 12-13, 2018
London, United Kingdom
We invites scholars / engineers/ researchers / students worldwide to submit papers and share the valuable experiences on this platform.
International Conference on “Multidisciplinary Innovation in Business Engineering Science & Technology (MI-BEST -2018)
April 05-06, 2018
Selected conference papers will be published in special /regular issue of ISI/Scopus indexed journals associated with this conference.
International Symposium on "New Directions in Multidisciplinary Research & Practice" (NDMRP-2018)
May 12-13, 2018
London,United Kingdom
Promoting Multidisciplinary Academic Research For Sustainable Development and Service To Society.
International Integrative Research Conference on Social Sciences & Business Management IRSBM-18
May 12-13, 2018
London,United Kingdom
It is our great pleasure to invite you to the International Business Management and Social Sciences Conference organized by (ARS).
First International Conference on The Importance of Research in Science, Education and Technology
April 17-18, 2018
Kuala Lumpur,,Malaysia
We invites scholars /scientists / engineers/ researchers / students worldwide to submit papers and share the valuable experiences
Istanbul 57th International Conference on “ Business, Economics, Social Science & Humanities- BESSH-2018”
April 07-08, 2018
Conference will bring together researchers, scientists, and students in the domain of scientific interest from around the world.
AUSSRE 2018 International Forum on Education for Sustainable Development and Economic Policy
May 12-13, 2018
Platform for people to share views and experiences in Economics, Trade and Development and related areas.
Conference on Modern Applications in Engineering Management, Technology, Basic and Applied Sciences
May 17-18, 2018
Seoul,South Korea
Maintain the research excellence and leadership in the field of engineering technology and applied sciences.
International Conference on Knowledge Economy, Artificial Intelligence & Social Sciences (KEAS-May-2018)
May 19-20, 2018
Provide opportunities for the scholars to exchange new ideas to establish research relations for future collaboration.

National & International Conferences:

Italy Conferences:

February 2018


The 5th International Congress on Cardiac Problems in Pregnancy (CPP 2018) (Bologna Italy )


The 5th International Conference on PreHypertension, Hypertension and CMS (Venice Italy )


One Day of Cardiotocography (Istituto degli Innocenti, Piazza della Santissima Annunziata 12, Firenze Italy )

March 2018


2nd International Workshop – Intensive Care of the Newborn (Palazzo della Gran Guardia, Piazza Bra, 1, Verona Italy )


ISPE 2018 Europe Annual Conference (Rome Italy )


New Perspectives in Science Education - 7th edition (NPSE) (Florence Italy )


20° Congresso Nazionale Agora Simp - Medicina Perinatale (Sheraton Catania Hotel, Via Antonello da Messina, 45, Catania, 95125 Italy )

May 2018


7th ICCN - International Conference on Clinical Neonatology (Centro Congressi Unione Industriale, Via Fanti, 17, Turin, 10128 Italy )


EAED Spring Meeting 2018 (Hilton Sorrento Palace, Via Sant'Antonio, 13, Sorrento, 80067 Italy )


Genito - Urinary Tract Tumors (Istituto degli Innocenti, Piazza della Santissima Annunziata 12, Firenze 50121 Italy )

June 2018


Breast Imaging from A to Z: How to Read Like (or Better Than!) the Experts (Rome Italy )


Federle's Master Tutorial on Abdominal Imaging (Rome Italy )


The Future of Education, 8th edition - International Conference (Florence Italy )

July 2018


Decision Support System for Urban Planning based on GIS (Rome, Italy Italy )

September 2018


ICSD 2018 : 6th International Conference on Sustainable Development, 12 - 13 September 2018 Rome, Italy (Rome Italy )


EPUAP 2018 Annual Meeting of the European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (Angelicum University Congress, Largo Angelicum, 1, Rome, 00184 Italy )

October 2018


Radiology at Lake Como (Sheraton Lake Como Hotel, Via per Cernobbio 41A, Como, 22100 Italy )


Organic Process Research and Development, Milan, Italy (Melia Milano, Via Masaccio, 19, Milan, 20149 Italy )

November 2018


Green Urbanism – 2nd edition (Rome, Italy Italy )

May 2019


DIP Symposium on Diabetes, Hypertension, Metabolic Syndrome and Pregnancy (Firenze Fiera, Piazza Adua 1, Florence, 50123 Italy )